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Advisory Program

The ELGMS advisory program serves to promote connectedness and a sense of belonging among students. Core teachers serve as advisory teachers where a variety of activities and service opportunities are provided to students. Two primary goals of the advisory program are to ensure that every student has a meaningful relationship with at least one adult and every student belongs to a community of peers. 


The advisory program consists of five focus areas:

I-- Student-Centered Discussions 

  • Derived from Student Created Prompts and Relevant Teacher Prompts.

  • Video - The Resorter Way Universal Behavioral Expectations  

  • Random Acts of Kindness Lessons

  • Character Development

II-- Mental Health/Mindfulness Activities

III-- Academic & Career Planning: 

  • Study Skills

  • Organizational Skills 

  • Goal Setting/Reflection 

IV-- Technology/Service Activities:  

  • Digital Citizen Lessons 

  • Service Activities

V-- Intramural Challenges: 

  • Games- kickball, ultimate frisbee, tug-of-war, softball, relay races, etc.

  • Board Games 

  • Trivia Competitions